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Forbidden Love Stories: Blood Kite

Kite flying in the sky
Photo from Pexels

Darron possessed the charm and height that made him the ideal lover in the eyes of many women. However, perfection was not expected from a prince charming, and Darron was no exception. His parents owned a small business; he was just an ordinary Darron. Despite his efforts to achieve greatness, he faced continuous setbacks, causing him great pain.

With a heavy heart, Darron bid farewell to his parents and embarked on a journey to the capital. The bustling streets greeted him with temples, fireworks, and winding alleyways. Darron couldn't help but appreciate the beauty around him, including the enchanting women. However, his striking appearance drew attention wherever he went, making him stand out in the Ling kingdom. Women would throw handkerchiefs, sachets, and other items at him, leaving Darron bewildered.

Amidst the commotion, a splendid carriage passed by. Among the talented individuals inside, Darron's eyes locked on a beautiful lady. Their gazes met instantly, and a mutual attraction sparked between them. The lady's mother blushed and discreetly lowered the curtain to shield her daughter's view. Meanwhile, the lady herself couldn't help but feel restless and slightly opened the curtain, only to find that Darron had disappeared. A sense of powerlessness washed over her.

Onlookers along the road recognized the lady in the luxurious sedan chair as a noblewoman, rumoured to be the only daughter of the current Prime Minister. It was said that Angela, as she was called, would eventually marry a relative.

Angela's beauty and grace were precisely what captivated Darron the most. Her extraordinary allure was a rarity in the world. Darron approached a young man standing nearby and asked, "Young man, who is this ethereal beauty?" as the wealthy lady's carriage slowly departed.

The young man hesitated to speak, but upon seeing Darron, he revealed, "That is Miss Angela, the Prime Minister's daughter. I heard a prince has set his sights on her and desires to marry her."

Darron, who had always been engrossed in books and yearned for tales of love and underestimated the power, couldn't resist the temptation. He followed the young man to the Prime Minister's residence. Still, both Darron and the charming lady were denied entry into the prestigious and guarded mansion.

As dusk settled in, the mansion became bathed in the sacred hues of the sky, radiating a sense of inviolability. Darron couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. When he looked up, his gaze met that of a stunning woman in embroidered attire. Wasn't she Angela?

At that moment, their eyes locked, and it felt as if they had known each other for a lifetime.

As the darkness descended, the resplendent Needlework Building illuminated its lanterns. Angela, not wanting Darron to leave, refrained from screaming. She hurriedly rushed into a room and tossed something at Darron, who stood outside the wall.

Examining the object, Darron discovered a large pearl accompanied by a piece of paper. The words on the paper read, "My name is Angela, but I haven't yet learned your last name. What brought you to my residence in the first place?"

Ignoring the beauty's image, Darron responded to her question and shouted, "Darron is my name. I came here because I admire you. Can I have the opportunity to visit you?"

Angela retreated back into the room and emerged with another piece of paper. "Darron, don't come to my house hastily. My family's rules are stringent, and I will find a way to meet you soon." Darron felt elated, surrounded by enchanting women, and it was a stroke of luck in his life.

Darron arrived punctually in the Prime Minister's backyard for the following days. The bond between him and Angela grew stronger, offering solace and mutual attraction. Their admiration for each other reached such heights that even a day without seeing each other felt like an eternity.

Thus, whenever Angela appeared before him, she would be adorned like a fairy from the Nine Heavenly Immortal Pavilions, standing in the mortal world.

One day, Angela confided in her father, expressing her desire to pray for protection at the temple, and she was granted permission. She used the pretext of dismissing some staff members as an excuse.

Nearby, there was a pond adorned with lotus blossoms. Darron had been waiting for Angela for some time. When she finally arrived, they were drawn into the pond's depths amidst Darron's bamboo grove. It was the first time they had been so intimately close. "Why is it so challenging for us to meet?" Darron exclaimed as he pulled Angela into his arms.

A tear escaped from Angela's eyes, tracing down her cheek. "The family rules are strict, and I can't simply go out whenever I please."

Darron was taken aback and exclaimed, "Engaged to His Highness? We should be together because you love me, and I love you."

Angela nestled in Darron's embrace, tears flowing as she met his caring gaze. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Let's not dwell on anything else. I have no interest in being with His Highness; I want to spend my life with you." Darron made a firm declaration, holding Angela tightly. They sat together, listening attentively for a long time, before making a solemn promise not to marry anyone else.

The fleeting moment of their private encounter came to an abrupt end. Angela kept silent about Darron when she returned home, as it was a matter between them alone.

There was nothing that the astute Prime Minister couldn't uncover if he set his mind to it. Soon enough, he became aware of a man who harboured feelings for Angela, lurking outside their estate.

The Prime Minister was enraged, but his years of political experience compelled him to teach the two a stern lesson. He ordered someone to send Darron an invitation and welcomed him to visit.

As promised, Darron arrived a few days later. He bowed and prostrated himself before the Prime Minister, displaying respect and determination to win Angela's freedom.

Seated in a position of authority, the Prime Minister looked down on Darron and proclaimed, "My daughter is like a fairy, while you are just an ordinary man. How do you intend to compete with her? It would be best for you to leave immediately. Don't blame me for being harsh; I won't hesitate to harm you."

Darron summoned his courage and said, "Seeing the Prime Minister's unwavering stance, Angela detests all Royal Highnesses. Their union is a sham. I have promised to marry her, and I hope the Prime Minister will be kind enough to allow her to marry me."

Realizing how cruel ordinary people could be towards him, Darron desired to marry Angela without any reservations.

The Prime Minister's fury intensified. He called in his servants, armed with swords and knives, their faces stern. However, Darron remained undeterred. How could he give up on Angela's happiness?

When the Prime Minister realized that the unyielding Darron could not be frightened away, he ordered his men to beat Darron into submission. Darron endured the agony of each strike, his limbs immobilized and blood flowing freely.

Even in his frantic state, Darron defiantly declared, "I may be weakened, but even in death, I will take Angela with me."

"She is willing," he proclaimed.

"I want to bring her joy."

Darron met a brutal end, succumbing painfully under the relentless blows of the warriors' sticks, unable to withstand their force.

The news of Darron's demise was concealed from Angela. She searched the embroidery building for countless days, unable to find any trace of him. What could have happened? Her heart pounded with anxiety, and the toll it took on her was evident in her weight loss.

A tear fell inexplicably from her eye. In the distance, she spotted a crimson kite soaring in the sky, its appearance tainted with a sense of bloodiness. The kite seemed eerie and otherworldly.

Angela observed it again. Whenever there was a kite in the sky, the clouds turned dark, and the gloomy atmosphere intensified the blood-red hue of the kite. At times, she thought the kite assumed an uncanny shape, lingering in the air like a figure drenched in blood, calling out to her.

While the sight terrorized the mansion's inhabitants, Angela remained undeterred. The kite hovered above the estate day and night, resembling a malevolent entity fixated on its prey.

The mansion's residents grew restless, more inclined to grant any request if it meant dispelling the turmoil. At long last, Angela pieced together what had befallen Darron. It was no surprise that his own father had been the one to bring about his demise. Could he indeed be so heartless?

Angela's heart shattered. She abstained from eating and drinking, appearing utterly drained. Her gaze remained fixated on the crimson kite outside. Wasn't that Darron, whom she couldn't place?

Upon witnessing this, the Prime Minister commanded a powerful Taoist to intervene and prevent the blood kite from hovering above the mansion. After hearing the whole story, the Taoist addressed the Prime Minister, "He did not accomplish his desires before his death. Unable to depart peacefully after such a tragic demise, he transformed into a blood kite, haunting the mansion daily, unable to find solace. Let me see what I can do about it."

Subsequently, the Taoist priest set up ghost-repelling apparatus and conjured a paper man. With a few drops of blood and careful brushstrokes, the paper figure came to life, floating in the air and gradually drawing closer to the blood kite.

Heavy clouds gathered the sky changed its hue, and the blood kite grew unimaginably large. It took on the appearance of human skin drenched in blood, bearing the same cold features as Darron when he was alive. The paper man approached the blood kite gently, and a fierce battle ensued between the two.

The Taoist priest continued to draw and burn runes, aiding the paper man in its fight. The spirit force of the blood kite waned, and it teetered on the edge of defeat. At this critical moment, a woman swiftly ascended towards the crimson kite. Wasn't it Angela? The Taoist priest exclaimed, "Miss committed suicide, not the other way around. It is her spirit."

Abruptly, the Taoist priest halted. The spirit of the woman and the blood kite entwined instantaneously, hesitant to separate until no trace remained. It appeared as though the two would spend eternity together as ghosts.

Angela willingly departed, for the blood kite had taken her away. A lifeless body lay within the embroidery building. Darron's soul had already drifted away, leaving only a lingering fragrance behind.

The Prime Minister's household remained shrouded in sorrow throughout the day. The Prime Minister was quickly derided as a fool who had driven their daughter to death. They could never recover from the shock and disdain of the public.

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