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  • Ken Zen

Journey Songs: The Melodic Path to Quieting the Echoes of Tears

A night view at seaside
Photo from Pexels

There are moments when I find myself inadequate in offering solace to others, feeling as though any words spoken might unintentionally touch upon their wounds. In such instances, one can only stand by, ready to offer a thoughtful comment or a gentle hug when needed.

It is often said that everything will be fine. Indeed, time is a potent healer; those who have experienced pain will gradually find healing. Though the journey may be arduous at times, the passage of time always brings the promise of better days.

Life is not always as idyllic as one might imagine. Even in seemingly unremarkable lives, there lie hidden heartaches that cannot be expressed. Those who have shared similar experiences are better equipped to understand such sentiments.

Mistakes should not be repeated, and detours taken should be remembered. Each experience makes one realize that finding happiness is the key to a fulfilling life. If feeling despondent, it is worth exploring new avenues and making changes, as remaining in the same state may not be conducive to growth; instead, embracing change may lead to unexpected rewards.

Adult life is never synonymous with "easy." However, everything will eventually fall into place by adopting the right mindset and striving for excellence.

Recently, a friend approached me, seeking guidance on navigating a period of overwhelming confusion and grief. She described a series of setbacks in work and personal life, with a waning appetite and a generally pessimistic outlook. She had even withdrawn from those around her, unwilling to engage in conversation, sinking into despair.

I advised her, "Given that worries and confusion are inevitable at every stage of life, perhaps it is better to focus on the positive aspects and engage in meaningful everyday activities." While this sentiment may seem cliché, it resonates with the realities of our shared human experience.

There are moments, like the beginning of a new month, when I realize I haven't achieved my initial goals, haven't finished the book I intended to read and have a host of pending tasks. During such times, I feel a tinge of disappointment. In those moments, I prefer silence, plugging in my headphones, immersing myself in journey songs, and methodically completing each task.

Following these actions, I find solace in reorganizing my living space, rearranging items, and finally settling to read before a restful night's sleep. This process not only helps in organizing my thoughts but also aids in regulating my mood.

Life's troughs are often marked by disappointments, yet they also serve as a precursor to the upswings. Life is akin to a roller coaster, replete with peaks and valleys. May you courageously ascend and reach new heights during the lows.

Growing up encompasses more than age and maturing; it is an ongoing process of self-reconciliation. Difficult times are an inherent part of our existence. Academic challenges, professional setbacks, and periods of loneliness may appear unbidden, demanding that we confront them.

Sometimes, the desire to confide in someone leads us to scroll through our contacts repeatedly, unsure of whom to contact until we ultimately decide to turn off our phone screens. There is a saying that "growing up is the process of silencing one's tears." I believe it is also a journey of gradually diminishing sorrow.

I understand the yearning to communicate with someone, but I am unsure where to begin. In the end, silence prevails, knowing that little may change even if words are spoken. These emotions are left to be borne and digested gradually.

With time, the intensity of past pain diminishes, and the burdens become lighter. Although occasional memories may resurface, their significance fades. Ultimately, we must continue moving forward, embracing the inevitability of progress.


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